Artist Residencies @ Int'l Museum of Surgical Science

Deadline to Apply on April 1, 2018

As artistic practice occupies an increasingly pluralistic field, The International Museum of Surgical Science believes that artists are uniquely equipped to extrapolate on Museum collections in innovative ways and introduce novel perspectives to the institutional depiction of medical history. The IMSS Artist Residency Program provides working artists with:

  • Access to the Museum's extensive collections and archive

  • Visibility on the Museum's website and social media channels

  • A month-long capstone Solo Exhibition (or equivalent presentation) at the Museum

There are two residency sessions per a year and both are a duration of four months. The Residency is open to practitioners of any medium. Collaborators may apply but are limited to 1 application as such. Those applying as collaborators are restricted from applying simultaneously as individuals. Applicants must reside in Chicago or surrounding suburbs or plan to reside in Chicago or surrounding suburbs at the time of their residency. The Museum does not cover the cost of travel to or from the city for this Residency and does not furnish a stipend for accommodations. The Museum selects one artist or artistic collaborative a session.


Find out more about the residency and application at the link below.