Current BOLT Resident Luis Sahagún in Conversation with Lise McKean at Bad at Sports

A Conversation on Contemporary Art Practice and Sahagún's Recent Work

Bad at Sports launches their inaugural feature of THINKS to Think with an interview with current BOLT resident Luis Sahagún. The interview covers a range of topics including the forms and colors, and the characters and legends, of the imaginary world embodied in his current show Brotherhood: Leyendas de un Bracero, which is on view at Kruger Gallery until March 31st.  An excerpt of the interview is below and you can read the entire interview at Bad at Sports.


LM: Can you talk about the thinking and feeling that went into your exploration of his objects?

LS: I was interested in the gesture. For instance, my dad’s Facebook profile. He started posting photos of objects from his collection. Most specifically, the panther. His profile showed a panther. Then his friend created the image of super colorful panther that has my dad’s face imposed on it.

He grew up on the farm and never went to school. He learned to read and write as an adult. My mom went to school up to third grade. My mom is infatuated with fish.

LM: Did she grow up near the ocean?

LS: Yes, she grew up by the Pacific Ocean. Everything is fish—glass fish, metal fish, ceramic fish. She has fish tank in the bathroom. She doesn’t even know why. She pinned a stuff Nemo to the bathroom wall. It took me a while to realize that my parents’ relationship to their collections is as innocent and playful as a child’s.

Published by David J Hall on Tue, 02/28/2017 - 10:24am
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