David Byrne's "What Good Are the Arts?"

David Byrne Addresses the Current Economic Crises Facing the Arts

David Byrne's "What Good Are the Arts" responds to the proposed Trump administration budget cuts and an address Byrne gave at his local City Hall. Read an excerpt of his article below:

"The arts are considered superfluous by many and fluffy and indulgent by others—plays and projects that appear ridiculous are often held up as examples of "look where your tax dollars are going". The arts are often viewed as the provenance of the elites—"Why should we be paying for the silly amusements of other people? Stuff we have no interest in?"

Well, my argument to those skeptics has nothing to do with the quality of the artworks—I might actually agree that some of it is indulgent and silly, but I would argue that there is undeniable and indisputable monetary and social value to the nation as a whole in the publicly funded arts. It is by far one of the best investments the government can make, and here's why."

The entire article is available and can be found on David Byrne's website.

David Byrne's "What Good Are the Arts?" | Chicago Artists Resource


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