Rhizome Launches Webrecorder Player

A web archiving tool for regular users

Rhizome has launched a new user-friendly web archiving application, Webrecorder Player, and now wants to empower regular users to take ownership of the web archiving process, and to take better grasp of access. Webrecorder allows anybody to archive web resources they care about with ease, including things on the other side of logins. This material can be made public on the web, or kept private. Yet in some cases users might want to better control how the web collections they have created are circulating, and maybe want to limit it to a certain community or keep it offline entirely.

With the Webrecorder Player desktop app, web collections downloaded from Webrecorder—and actually any other standards-compliant web archive file in WARC, ARC or HAR format—can be used on the desktop, without an internet connection being required, with the high fidelity quality users have come to expect from Webrecorder.

Read more about the app and download a desktop version through the Rhizome website.