Scott Carter's 'Choke' in the Chicago Tribune.

Now on view at Terrain Exhibitions, through April 23rd.

Writer Bruce Ingram featured Scott Carter's Choke - current exhibition of the Terrain-HATCH Public Art Residency, curated by Kate Pollasch - in the Chicago Tribune:


It's a drum set. You can bang it. It makes sounds (though not necessarily the sounds you're accustomed to drums making). Which means anyone can play it, regardless of expertise, redefining the whole idea of musical performance. That's one of the things Carter likes to explore with his sculptures and installations, which tend to explore the role of music and musical instruments in our culture—as well as other mass-produced objects in our culture.

"It will be fully functional, but it won't function the way you'd expect a drum set to perform," said "Choke" curator Kate Pollasch, noting that the piece was still under construction at the time of the interview. "Yet it will be an object we want people to engage with and play with. There will be drumsticks and a chair and we expect people to sit there and bang away.



"It's an interactive, performative sculpture, intended to invert the normal perception people have of what it might be like to play a musical instrument publicly."



"Choke" is the second installation Pollasch has curated for the Terrain-HATCH Public Art Residency in its inaugural year. The series of exhibits is collaboration between Sabina Ott's Oak Park-based Terrain Exhibitions and the Chicago Artists Coalition's HATCH Project, which is designed to showcase developing Chicago artists and curators. Pollasch was a curatorial resident for the Chicago Artists Coalition's 2015-16 HATCH project.


Read the full article via the Chicago Tribune

More info on the Terrain-HATCH Public Art Residency.


Feature photo: Artist Scott Carter's piece, "Untitled." (David Wallace)

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Scott Carter's 'Choke' in the Chicago Tribune. | Chicago Artists Resource


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