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Professional Development Resource Roundup | August 8, 2016

The latest news, upcoming events, helpful tips, and critical conversations about artists' careers from all around the web.

Chicago Artists Coalition's FIELD/WORK team connects you to the latest news, upcoming events, helpful tips, and critical conversations about artists' careers from all around the web.

Sowing the Seeds of Revolution

A Conversation with MAKER Grant recipients, Melissa Potter and Maggie Puckett

MAKER Grant recipients Melissa Potter and Maggie Puckett discuss their ongoing projects, the driving force behind their practice, and why collaboration is so vital.

Lake FX Rewind | A Home of One's Own

How Theaters Find, Finance and Cope with Permanent Spaces

Forging a strong, permanent identity is crucial to theater and dance companies. Having a "destination" space is part of making that happen.

Lake FX Rewind | When History Resonates

The Contemporization of Classic Forms

How do we explore classic stories and theatrical forms in our contemporary culture and why do we feel the need to re-tell ancient stories? Hear established Chicago-based theater-makers discuss the practice of adaptation and why we need to create contemporary classics.

Lake FX Rewind | Gaining Access

How to Engage Young Talent in the Music and Film Industries

Key industry professionals and youth from The Chicago Track, an industry school for film and music will join in a discussion about how to leverage and engage the skills young professionals to bring to the creative industries while lowering the barriers to their involvement.

5 Questions with... Janet Ecklebarger

Income tax essentials for artists

In anticipation of Janet Ecklebarger’s upcoming talk “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the Schedule C* (*But Were Afraid to Ask): Income Taxes for Artists” on Wednesday, March 17 at Chicago Artists Coalition, CAC’s Education Assistant Rachel McDermott asked Janet a few key questions about income tax essentials for artists.

Buffer Overrun

Dancing Off-Kilter: Systems, Uncertainties, Ground

Ginger Krebs ventures into uncharted territories
On a cold December day in Chicago, I walked into the Dance Studio at the Chicago Cultural Center to sit in on a rehearsal of Ginger Krebs’ Buffer Overrun. The room was overtaken by a large pitched platform, the angled surface on which the dancers perform.

An Artist Counseling Artists

A Conversation with Alice Berry

Designer and artistic counselor Alice Berry discusses her designing career, the nature of her practice, and how an artistic identity affects artists' lives.

Ten Years of See Chicago Dance

A Celebration of Chicago's Dance Community's Growth

On the tenth anniversary of See Chicago Dance, the growth of the dance community in Chicago, and the challenges faced by Chicago dance artists.

Planning and Goal Suggestions

By Karen Atkinson, courtesy of Side Street Projects

Why Plan?

A plan is nothing. Planning is everything.  -Dwight Eisenhower

Successful artists as well as businessmen use creative thinking to get from point A to point B. -James Rosenquist