Conversations with CAR | Felicia Holman

A collaboration with StoryCorps Chicago

The Chicago Artists Resource has teamed up with StoryCorps Chicago to bring you "Conversations with CAR". Through this collaboration with StoryCorps, the Chicago Artists Resource conducts interviews with Chicago-based artists about their personal experiences and the way these experiences have had an impact on their creative process.

This week's featured artist is Felicia Holman.

"Lifelong Chicagoan Felicia Holman is co-founder/Communication Director of Honey Pot Performance, Artist Services Manager & staff producer at Links Hall, With HPP, Felicia creates and presents original interdisciplinary performance which engages audience and inspires community. Credits include The Ladies Ring Shout (2011), Price Point (2013), Juke Cry Hand Clap (2014), and Ma(s)king Her (2016). Felicia is also an admitted Facebook junkie and was amped to perform with The Instigation Orchestra & The Djasporas in September and perform with them again in New Orleans in February 2017. Felicia sums up her dynamic artrepreneurial life in 3 words—'Creator, Connector, Conduit'.

Upcoming shows:

PEEP 2016 at Reunion |  November 10th 6:00pm - 8pm

Save Our Poonie's at Links Hall | November 20th, 7:00pm


Photo credit: Nicole Waddington

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