Made-Up with Danny Volk: Laura Letinsky

Made-Up w/ Danny Volk, feat. LAURA LETINSKY

Laura Letinsky
The photographer and professor talks about her work's evolution.

Season 2, Episode 1: Laura Letinsky

I don't like to propagate ideas about photography that I don't believe in, which is that photography is an ideal that can never be attained ...

Danny sits down with Laura Letinsky and gets serious about art, gardening, and the perfect bowl for fish soup.

















Laura Letinsky obtained her MFA at Yale School of Art. Her work has been exhibited around the world, including in the J.P. Getty Museum, Los Angeles, and Hermes Collection, Paris. She is a Professor in the University of Chicago's Department of Visual Arts.

Danny Volk was born in Akron, OH and currently lives and works in Chicago. He graduated from Kent State University in 2006 with a BA in theater studies and in 2014 graduated from the University of Chicago with an MFA in visual arts. Volk's performance-based work has been exhibited in Chicago at High Concept Laboratories, PSA Projects, The Logan Center Gallery, and Links Hall. Outside of Chicago, he's shown at Centro Desarrollo delas Artes Visuales Plaza Vieja in Havana, Cuba and Whitespace Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia.

Created and hosted by: Danny Volk

Produced by: Danny Volk, Stephanie Anne Harris Trevor
Cameras: Bryce Peppers, Valia O'Donnell
Technical consultant: Ben Chandler

Theme music:
"Comic Strip" by Serge Gainsbourg remixed by DJ Flashcookie

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