Artists in Conversation:

Stevie Greco

What Does a Gallery Director Do?

What's involved in your position as director of Carrie Secrist Gallery?
I think the term "gallery director" carries a substantial semiotic weight and in order to understand what I do, it's important to understand what gallery work entails more generally. Because, for the most part, art galleries are small businesses, the work of each gallery's staff will differ slightly.

Abigail Satinsky, Hand-in-Glove Conference

Conversations About Grassroots Creative Activity

This past July (2011), Common Practice commissioned a position paper, by Creative Industries consultant Sarah Thelwall, entitled “Size Matters: Notes Towards a Better Understanding of the Value, Operation, and Potential of Small Visual Arts Organisations.”

Linda Beierle Bullen

Spotlight on Linda Beierle Bullen

Chicago is the touchstone for me of childhood sights, sounds, and smells,
of adolescent experiences and of adult transformations. From fishing in
the dark with my parents on Montrose Pier, to sitting in the stacks at
the grand Chicago Public Library, to discovering myself at the dusty,
hidden, original School of the Art Institute, Chicago is the city that
created me.

Thomas Lucas

Creating New Relationships & Art Through Collaboration

I started pulling prints for artists when I was an undergrad. Initially,
I was all about getting the printing experience, but then it was more
about the spirit of collaboration. Creating a new relationship is what
it’s all about for me. My drawing, printmaking, painting, and ceramics is inspired by the history of art and the connection art has to people and objects.

Christine Simpson Forni

When the Anvil Strikes, Answer It

For me, art is my life. It’s the way I communicate ideas, understand
nature, and learn about life. I enjoy drawing, painting, sculpture,
printmaking ,and photography, but I love the engineering and intellectual
challenges of metalsmithing and making jewelry. I enjoy the sound and
power of the hammer hitting the anvil.

Anders Brekhus Nilsen

Seeing the Familiar in New Ways

My last book, Big Questions, reflects my fascination with the fact that people look out on the same world and yet come to radically different conclusions about what it is and what it means and why. I try to nudge my readers, and myself, really, to see familiar things in new ways.

Carlos Javier Ortiz

I photograph in other parts of the world, but there are issues that need
to come to light in my own backyard of Chicago. My current project,
Too Young to Die,
examines youth violence in the U.S. and Central America and documents
both the lives of young victims of violence as well as the teenage
perpetrators of these crimes.

Sharon Okee-Chee Skolnick

Championing Native American Arts

My mother was a dollmaker and inspired me to develop my art and champion
Native American arts. In Chicago, I raised my four children, opened
Okee-Chee’s Wild Horse Gallery and helped organize over 100 exhibits of
Native American Arts at the American Indian Center. This area has
allowed me to express my feelings and aesthetics in the arts.

Sarah and Joseph Belknap

The Artist Couple Shares Their Creative Journey

We began collaborating when we got married in the summer of 2008. We
realized in our own solo work that we weren’t taking many risks, so we
made a point to try anything and everything in our art making. We test
and experiment, and all of the failed ideas and projects drive our
practice to new levels.

Sarah Belknap and Joseph Belknap are Chicago-based artists

Vivian Visser

Gimme Shelter

I have been working with the concept of shelter, the vessel shape as a
retreat for the human spirit. The condition of this vessel speaks of the
condition of the spirit within. I believe we should look outside of
ourselves to better see within. I am inspired by trees and plants, nature and its various forms.

Lindsay Obermeyer

Why We Need Hope

Hope is the overriding theme of all my work. It is needed to endure the
daily bombardment of negative news—terrorism, recession, tsunamis,
global warming. Hope requires a leap of faith—a sustained belief in a
better world.

Lindsay Obermeyer
employs the history and metaphors surrounding textile practices to study issues as diverse as community development, environmentalism, medical ethics, and gender.

Anna Koh and Jeffrey Hanson Varilla

The Sculpture Team Works Realistically
We’ve lived in North Park since 1989 and are proud to have located our
new studio building there. We’ve been working with community leaders to
create a North Park Art Center that encourages and recognizes
creativity, adding to the neighborhood’s strengths.

Lorraine Peltz

The NYC-to-Chicago Transplant Describes Her Inspirations

I came to Chicago from New York for graduate school at the University of
Chicago and quickly found rewarding work teaching. I’ve had many
wonderful opportunities to exhibit at galleries here and find Chicago a
welcoming and sustaining city for an artist to work in. My work is inspired by the contemporary moment, history, literature, film, collective memory, and place.

David Jones

How the Director of Anchor Graphics Got His Start

In 1990, I founded Anchor Graphics (now a program of the A+D Department
at Columbia College Chicago) which strives to integrate education,
professional practice, creative excellence, and risk-taking with the
creation of fine art limited-edition prints. As director for more than 20
years, I have met and collaborated with some truly amazing people, and
this, in turn, has created unexpected opportunities.

Ingrid E. Albrecht

From Traveling Teacher to Professional Artist: Carving Out My Career

Little did I know at the age of four, when my grandmother placed a stick of pastel in my hands so I could paint alongside her in her kitchen, that today I would be a professional artist. She planted the seed in my mind at a tender age, but it wasn't until mid-life that it blossomed.

Mayra C. Palafox

Community Environmental Youth Arts

I consider myself to be a reciprocal artist who draws inspiration from people, my surroundings, and nature. I have a strong passion to give back to the young people who are the future leaders of their communities, teaching them the importance of art in society as well as the responsibility of environmental conservation.

Jackie Samuel

Using the Arts to Strengthen Neighborhoods

Last week, I was contacted by one of our art partners from the South Chicago community who had noticed a fallen tree in a vacant lot near the 92nd Street Bridge, the site of the earliest European settlement (established in 1813). This person sent me an email suggesting or asking about the possibility of preserving a fallen tree limb because it looked like South Chicago emerging from the earth, revitalizing itself.

Dan Sinker

Entrepreneurial Journalism thru the Mobile Web

The creator of the notorious Twitter feed, @MayorEmanuel, Daniel Sinker is an Assistant Professor at Columbia College Chicago, where he has a focus in entrepreneurial journalism and the mobile web. A writer, designer, and programmer, he is  the founder and developer of the local election tracker

Promoting Disability Arts + Culture, 2011 One State in the Arts

Dr. Carrie Sandahl -- Conference Presenter

Dr. Carrie Sandahl is an Associate Professor in the Department of Disability and Human Development at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is the head of the new Program on Disability Art, Culture, and Humanities, which is devoted to research on and the creation of disability art.  Beginning in 2010, this program is the new administrative home for Chicago’s Bodies of Work, an organization that supports city-wide disability arts festivals and that promotes disability arts and culture year-round.

Jyl Bonaguro

The Pieces That Matter: Refocusing on My Own Art

Variations, transformations, moving forward, moving backwards, stumble, climb… These words describe my life and career as an artist. I'm a painter and sculptress, but until 2004 I approached my art as a secondary occupation. I had a great deal of skill and training in oil painting, drawing, and other techniques, but no particular vision.


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