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Suzanne Clores, author

Suzanne Clores - On Finishing

Eight tips for writers approaching the finish line

I won't suggest that you write at the same time every day, decorate your writing area, or drink enough water. The end of any large work is as physical as it is psychological, so in addition to maintaining workout routines, therapy appointments and sleep schedules, approach the end of your book, essay or story collection with authenticity and grace.

Gwen Zabicki: Studio Artist

On the importance of a studio, and how to afford it

Chicago artist Gwen Zabicki is interested in the ways people in urban environments live alone together. In her most recent body of work she explores the idea of a shared urban melancholy. Her work is deeply invested in Chicago’s urban landscape.

Kate Hampel

On Balancing Studio Time and Part-Time Teaching

Chicago-based, Virginia-located artist Kate Hampel uses sculptural objects to investigate unvoiced traumas implicit in our social constructs. Through her material-based practice, she seeks to unravel the underlying narratives that enthrall the public through the 24/7 media sensationalism cycle, but ultimately vanish from deeper collective thought, swept under the rug like just another dust bunny in passing. How are we all implicit in these cultural narratives of rape, murder, trauma and incest? Why do we selectively silence them in our day-to-day lives?


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