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Be a part of exceptional leutures on choosing the best led grow lights and benifits of the same in indoor gardening.

Top 5 Advantages Of LED Grow Lights
1. Energy Efficient: One of the greatest benefits of using LED lights to grow with is that they consume as much as 70% less energy that the traditional bulbs like HPS and HID. They are much more energy efficient than the normally used grow lights, even including Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) and Incandescent lights.
In one study, they tested the efficiency between HPS lamps against LED grow lights. The results showed that used LEDs decreased the total energy consumption by 40%
Another study on tomatoes in a greenhouses showed that in this type of setting, a 75% reduction in energy consumption was a result of using LED grow lights. Using LED’s to scale up grow house operations is the environmentally friendly and sustainable solution for the future, especially with the way the world is headed right now.
NASA is actually testing LED grow lights in space to grow food using an energy efficient method, which of course is vital when it comes to surviving in space.
2. Longest Lifetime: LED lights run for about 100 times longer than incandescent bulbs and about 10 times longer than CFLs. So even though LED grow lights can cost more upfront the advantage here is in the long run, in terms of cost savings. The cost will be recovered over time because the not only are they energy efficient (see #1), but they also have to be replaced far less frequently due to their extended lifetime.
In addition to their long lifespans, LED lights will give the user a heads-up when they are starting to die out. The lights will slowly decrease in brightness, instead of shutting off all at once, which will give you preparation time to replace them.
In general, LED lights can be expected to last up to about 50,000 hours, but some users seeing up to 100,000 hours. That is at least 2.5 times more than what HPS and HID lamps can expect (less than 20,000 hours)
3. Low Heat Output: Another advantage of LED Grow lights is that they have almost a zero heat signature. They give off less than 10% of the heat than the traditional HPS and HID lamps. Switching to LED lamps eliminates the need for elaborate venting and air conditioning systems.
Plants have different reactions when it comes to heat. Some plants like it, and others will die with too much heat. LED grow lights are an excellent option if you are growing non-heat loving plants in a small area without ventilation.
Since LEDs do not emit much heat, you can actually place the lamps closer to your plants, so get the maximum benefit and take advantage of the inverse square law for light.
4. Specific Wavelengths: A normal light bulb will give off white light, which is a combination of all the colors of the visible light spectrum we observe in nature. However, plants only need a specific wavelength (or color) of light to actually carry out photosynthesis, meaning those extra wavelength spectrum are wasted. LED grow lights offer the advantage of targeting specific wavelengths.
Studies show that plants absorb the most chlorophyll when exposed to red and blue lighting colors. The highest efficiency of chlorophyll absorption occurs between 400 to 500nm and between 600 too 700nm, which is impossible to optimize using traditional HPS lighting where most of the light output falls outside this range.
The best LED grow lights will come from manufacturers that have tested different combinations of leds, and determined which one best provide for photosynthesis.
5. Flexible Set-Ups: LED grow lights are very flexible in their design and technology compared to conventional lamps. The fixtures themselves can be designed in a variety of creative options, and can be ergonomically designed to fit into your indoor grow.
LED grow lights literally come in all shapes and sizes. The two most used shapes are generally the UFO shape (like a flying saucer), and the rectangle shape (bite-size candy bar).
Now that you know the advantages of LED Grow Lights, you can make an educated decision about purchasing your next grow light. What ways could you use or add a LED lamp to your indoor grow? Please comment on what advantages you have seen using you own led grow lamps.
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