Public Relations & Social Media

Part-time Intern: Public Relations & Social Media


The gallery of The Research House for Asian Art (RHAA) is looking for an intern or someone who is interested in building their portfolio in public communication and social media reach out and advertising. The intern will be responsible for assisting the organization in the development and implementation of its business development and public relations plans.


RHAA is a non-profit art organization founded in 2008 in Chicago. RHAA aims to promote awareness of contemporary Asian culture in the United States and fosters the culture and art exchanges between East and the West. RHAA dedicates to show the emerging artists both from local and Asia by holding the exhibitions of their artworks on regular basis.

Skills & Qualifications: 



Post events and gallery photos through Facebook and Instagram regularly

Enter contact information into contact management systems

Maintain tracking the response from the social media



Candidate should have excellent written communication skills, with extensive knowledge of Web and social media. Working schedule is flexible.

To Apply: 

Please send your resume and a note of brief self-introduction through the email

Contact Information
Contact Name: 
Qigu Jiang