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Are you a US based artist with experience or interest in management and administration? Are you tired of working in restaurants and not having a flexible schedule that allows you to actually do your art? If so, you might be the perfect fit for our team.

We contract with artists who have excellent communication and organizational skills who are looking for a company who values their creativity. You really can have a flexible schedule, decent income, and pursue your primary passion in the arts.

Satiated Artists is comprised of project managers and virtual assistants who are fully and regularly trained individually, as well as through our private support community. We’re always looking to improve process while maintaining flexibility, because we understand the world and the problems we’re solving within it are not black and white, but shades of grey.

We offer full time, part time, temporary, and permanent contracts, and our PMs and VAs can take on as few or as many clients as they can responsibly handle. We match our PMs and VAs to each of our clients with care. Our clients typically come from word of mouth and many are in the business of making the world a better place. In some cases, we can negotiate direct contracts with clients after an initial three (3) month engagement. We won’t stand in the way of a perfect long term match!

In terms of the day to day, our PMs are responsible for duties surrounding the management of a team including scheduling and leading meetings, task management, PM tool advisement and implementation, email support, and process improvement. Our PMs are self starters who face obstacles efficiently in order to drive a project to successful completion.

Our VAs report to a single individual and take responsibility for administrative and personal assistance including inbox monitoring, scheduling and planning, meeting notes, process improvement, and task management. Our VAs are perpetually detail oriented and thereby allow their clients to work in their unique abilities and avoid distractions.

Skills & Qualifications: 

People with stage management experience are strongly encouraged to apply. Excellent communication skills are required. Serious applicants only please. Please note that our team is comprised of independent contractors, and as such all of our opportunities are of the same nature.

To Apply: 

If you’re interested in joining our team, please email a resume and a one page cover letter including answers to the questions listed below to If you have recently submitted an application, there is no need to reapply as we keep all applications on file for one year.

  • Are you interested in project management or virtual assisting? Both?
  • Can you give us a sense of your availability? What else are you doing, do you have another job? What do normal business hours M-F look like for you?
  • How many hours per week minimum and maximum are you looking for? In other words, are you looking for part time or full time work? Temporary or permanent?
  • Have you ever worked in a remote decentralized environment before? If not, what’s appealing about that? If yes, what did you like about it?
  • Tell us about your creative life. Any exciting projects coming up? What are your current creative goals?
  • How did you find out about the position and Satiated Artists?
  • Is there anything else you think we should know about you?
Contact Information
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Mikala Francini
Virtual Assistants and Project Managers | Satiated Artists | Chicago Artists Resource


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