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Gwen Zabicki: Studio Artist

On the importance of a studio, and how to afford it

Chicago artist Gwen Zabicki is interested in the ways people in urban environments live alone together. In her most recent body of work she explores the idea of a shared urban melancholy. Her work is deeply invested in Chicago’s urban landscape.

This Feels Like Home

Making an Artistic Home in Chicago

Article originally published on the Chicago Cultural Plan blog on August 27, 2012.

Growing up in Jefferson Park, I believed the only place art happened was in large buildings downtown. Grammar school entailed trips to the Art Institute and in high school we were bused to Shakespeare Rep &

Arts & Culture Promote Economic Development in Low-Wealth Communities

Highlights from The Grantmakers Concerned with Poverty and Arts & Culture Funders Group Panel

As cities and communities make plans for economic development and poverty alleviation in the aftermath of the Great Recession, there is growing interest in how public and private investments in the arts and cultural initiatives can develop human capital, promote economic development, and create vibrant communities, especially in low-wealth areas.