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Insights on how to strengthen your creative networks.


Dawoud Bey

What does it mean to be a Black Artist? The Ironies of Diversity, or the Disappearing Black Artist

In spite of what seems to be an acceptance of diversity as a cultural and social fact of life, both in and outside of the art world, black artists are, for the most part, still largely consigned to a narrow conceptual space in which to operate.

Nicole Beck

How can artist organizations like Sculpture International support an artist's practice?

When you are working in large scale public sculpture, a support group becomes one of your most useful tools - like a smooth, hot welder or your favorite hammer and chisel. Chicago has had a really strong sculpture community for years, but it's been only since 2004 that we set it in concrete by establishing Chicago Sculpture International (CSI), a satellite organization of the International Sculpture Center (ISC).