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field notes

Field Notes: Visual Art

CAR's visual arts researcher reports on visual arts communities and organizations around Chicago.

Visual Arts Researcher Andi Crist is moving around the city reporting on and engaging with local artists, arts administrators and advocates to expand our understanding of the visual arts landscape in Chicago.

Agate Publishing / Agate Digital

Small Press, Big News

Agate Digital on its partnership with Chicago Tribune

“From what I can tell, our project is the biggest and most ambitious that any newspaper is doing in the United States,” said Doug Seibold, president of the Evanston-based publisher Agate.

Ryan Singleton


Exploring the other side of literature

I want to hear a fire in authors’ voices today. Writers create work not only because it has meaning on a page; the sound of the words has meaning on its own. I want us all to hear their words as writers hear them internally.