Networking & Community

Insights on how to strengthen your creative networks.


Claire Pentecost

How can art-making impact social and political issues?

I collaborated with Critical Art Ensemble and Beatriz daCosta to create a project of public science using Monsanto's patented RoundUp Ready (soy, canola and corn).

James Tuong Nguyen

What can other artists learn from your experience photo-documenting people affected by HIV?

Until now, I am still haunted by those eyes of that boy, the fifteen year old Vietnamese boy dying from AIDS who I could not take a photograph of in my first attempt.

Mary Patten

When is art activism and activism art? What is the goal of your practice, and how do you achieve it?

As I write this, I am thinking about the deep festering wound, the toxic running sores - not just in the waters of New Orleans and in the bodies of the victims and survivors, but in the heart of this wretched, doomed country.

Joyce Owens

How do you cultivate a network for yourself and other artists?

You would think that a college graduate who managed to attain an M.F.A. from a prestigious eastern university would have been taught the process to becoming a professional visual artist. Did not happen...