Musician In Need of Office/Creative Space

Submitted by zeshan24 on Thu, 11/12/2015 - 1:14pm


I'm a full time musician here in Chicago . I am in need of an office/creative to tend to administrative tasks as well as to host rehearsals for my 4 piece band. I am tired of the depressing, dungeon-like  "rehearsal spaces" here in Chicago that offer anything but inspiration. 

I'm serious about my profession, and as such, I am willing to pay extra for a place that has at least some aesthetical charm that lends itself to inspiration and creativity. Here's what I'd like:


  • Window(s) with natural light coming in

  • Reasonable access to public transit OR good parking options

  • Internet Access (or at least a building that is internet connection ready)

  • Ability to make music in the morning, afternoons and early evenings without fear of disturbing anyone

  • Security of storing my instruments, speakers, amps etc.


I'm willing to pay up to $800. Would look forward to hearing from you!



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